One Day Symposium with H.H. Dalai Lama about Self-awareness, compassion and global responsibility

On September 14, Helle Jensen will be presenting the work of Training Empathy on a one-day symposium in Frankfurt. Please join this special event where H.H. Dalai Lama among others will be discussing the issues of Self- awareness, compassion and global responsibility as building stones for a sustainable future. For more information click here: Flyer Allgemeine Informationen Symposium-2

Hand-in-Hand Symposium in Århus, Denmark

In september 2017 The Danish Association for Promoting Life Wisdom in Children is participating in a symposium at VIA University Collage in Århus, Denmark.

The symposium is arranged in the context of the newly started EU-financed project called HAND in HAND, and representatives from the international partner-organisations are invited to the symposium as participants. Therefore, the conference language is English. The purpose is to raise some generic perspectives to inspire classroom learning activities and school development focused on social, emotional, relational and intercultural competencies. View the full program here: Symposium_Hand_in_Hand


If you would like to have a sample of what our work is about you can join one of our weekend seminars that take place in Berlin, Germany and in Innsbruck, Austria.

The language in the weekend seminars is a mixture of English and German, with the participants speaking in German, and the trainers mostly in English, but also some of the time in German.

The Intelligence of the Heart – how empathy makes children strong
How can you in the every day life of children in kindergarten and at school create an environment where it is possible to develop mindfulness, empathy, compassion, presence and joy of life?

The seminar will have the form of a workshop, and we will work with five types of simple tools, which can help children to establish a better contact with themselves and with the intelligence of the heart. We will also work on developing relational competence for the adult.

The seminar will take place indoors as well as outdoors, and will alternate between lectures, exercises in mindfullness and awareness, body exercises, and exercises in relational competence.

In September we will have a 3- days seminar “The Intelligence of the Heart” in English in Ljubljana, teaching Katinka Götzsche and Robin Menges. For further information look at scroll to the bottom of the site for the English text.

In October we will have the same seminar in German/English in Berlin, teaching Katinka Götzsche and Christine Ordnung. For further information look at