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Underneath you find a link to some short guided exercises (from 6 to 15 minutes) around in the pentagon. The language is German – enjoy!


Übung Bewustsein

Übung Kreativitet

Übung Hertz

Produced by Martin Guldberg, speak Helle Jensen.

New book in German.
Martijn van Beek and Helle Jensen have contributed to the book “Trainings- und Interventionsprogramme zur Förderung von Empathie. Ein praxisorientiertes Kompendium.” Edited by Marcus Roth, Victoria Schönefeld, Tobias Altmann, Springer- Verlag, Heidelberg, 2016. Here you can read more about the 2-year program and the ideas and theories behind it.

This short lecture is from a conference in Bregenz, May 2014.
Helle Jensen is speaking about relational competence.

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